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Mission and Vision

Mission Statement


“Grace Christian School exists to ensure all enrolled students learn spiritually, academically, physically, and creatively, from a biblical worldview."

This dual mission of the academic and the spiritual is summarized in our school's motto: "Where Faith and Learning Connect"


Vision Statement


Our vision is to strengthen and develop Grace Christian School as a Christ-centered K-8 learning community focused on the hearts and minds of students, family partnerships, staff growth, curricular excellence, resource stewardship, constituent diversity, and community outreach.  We will continue striving to produce students prepared to engage their communities with the love of Christ through a biblical worldview.

1. GCS will strive to produce, as the Holy Spirit enables, students who choose a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, desire godly character, think and act biblically, and achieve levels of excellence in curricular and extracurricular programs.

2. GCS will strive to cultivate a partnership with the families/ guardians of students through a shared commitment to support the goals/ core beliefs of the school, participate in the betterment of the learning community, communicate with each other according to the Matthew 18 principle, and heed to the biblical responsibility placed on parents for the education of their children.

3. GCS will strive to recruit and retain faculty, staff, and administrators that demonstrate a commitment to godly character and professional preparation; as well as provide staff opportunities to learn and grow in their spiritual and professional pursuits. 

4. GCS will strive to provide a well-rounded and rigorous curriculum taught through a biblical worldview to challenge students to work to their spiritual, academic, physical, and creative potential.

5. GCS will strive to be above reproach in all business dealings, stewarding the resources God has given to the school for the responsible strengthening and expansion of the school community.

6. GCS will strive to be characterized by denominational, racial, and socioeconomic diversity.

7. GCS will strive to partner with the local church and home in developing students who will seek practical ways to help meet community needs by engaging in community service.  GCS will also strive to partner with the local community to enhance the quality of educational opportunities through relationships with local businesses and places of public service.