OPEN HOUSE Monday, March 2nd at 9:00 am

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Welcome to Grace Christian School

GCS is a K-8 Christian school dedicated to serving families in Bowie, MD and surrounding areas since 1975.  We are a learning community focused on developing strong hearts and minds in our students for the purpose of bringing God glory. 

We believe that our four part mission, "developing excellence in the spiritual, academic, physical, and creative growth of students", maintains a purposeful forward trajectory starting with worship and ending with creation.  We believe truth is revealed in Jesus Christ and given as we submit our lives in worship of Him.  Worship leads to an inevitable thirst for learning about all God has created, which invades every discipline and necessitates a constant pursuit of discovery.  This learning guides the intentional growth of the whole child, spiritually, academically, physically, and creatively.  Lastly, the cultivation of a love for lifelong learning produces students who dedicate their lives to creating beautiful things for God's glory as integral to society.  We teach our students to go on to create from a heart of worship.  We welcome the opportunity for you to journey with us at GCS.

"Where Faith and Learning Connect"


Mission Statement:

Grace Christian School exists to develop excellence in the spiritual, academic, physical, and creative growth of students through a biblical worldview to follow Christ passionately.

Girls Basketball: 2015 MIAC Champions!
Congratulations to the 2015 girls middle school basketball team coached by Tiffany Justice and Ken
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