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Elementary Grades

In our elementary 1st through 5th grades, students are in a secure and loving environment provided by teachers who genuinely care for their well-being.  Each grade consists of a well-rounded curriculum geared towards reaching all types of learners.  The staff meets regularly to evaluate the effectiveness of the curriculum and to share new and innovative teaching strategies.  The concepts and skills taught in each grade cohesively prepare the students for the next grade level.  As each grade builds upon the others, our teachers ensure that the students progressively acquire skills in reasoning and critical thinking.  A Biblical worldview is integrated into all subjects.  In addition, students participate in a Bible class that is incorporated into the curriculum and in monthly (K-2nd grade) or weekly (3rd-5th grade) chapels. 

In addition to academic rigor, students have the opportunity to be involved in other specialized areas, such as Art, Library, Music, Spanish, Physical Education, and Computer/Technology classes.  Students are provided further opportunities to use their God-given musical talents with the introduction of Choir in 3rd Grade and Band in 4th grade.  By the time our students complete the 5th grade, they are well-equipped to start the next chapter of their education as they transition to Middle School.