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K-2 Chapel

The K-2 chapel meets on the first Friday of every month for approximately 30 minutes.  Each year we have a different theme and relate the chapel lessons to the chosen theme. Recent themes include “Character Traits” and “Imitating Jesus”. A typical chapel will open in prayer, followed by a worship song. We then have  a 10-15 minute message where students often get to engage with the chapel speaker. The chapels are taught by GCS teachers or Grace Baptist Church pastors.

3-5 Chapel

The third through fifth grade students meet for chapel once a week for a thirty minute worship service. The service consists of worship through song and a twenty minute challenge from scripture. Each year there is a theme based on a passage of scripture that speakers use as a basis for their sermon. Speakers include pastors from Grace Baptist Church and other area churches, as well as faculty from the school. Students lead in various ways throughout the year by leading pledges and songs.  Some chapels are led by individual classes involving students and teachers leading worship and teaching from scripture.

6-8 Chapel

Middle school has chapel every Wednesday.  It begins with student-led worship and is followed by a message given by either a Grace Baptist Church pastor, a Grace Christian School teacher, or a visiting pastor. Each year, chapel has a different  theme, and students hear messages related to that theme. Recent themes include "Created for God", "Respect Starts With Me", and "Imitating Jesus". The weekly chapel messages encourage students to model their attitude, actions, and relationships after Christ’s example.